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whispers I got mine out two days ago too???? like last minute I went for a consultation cause I had pain and they were like “oh we can take it out for you” and I was like “what”

it’s kinda frustrating bc I can’t eat a lot of stuff and I’m afraid of it not healing correctly but I’ll try the ice packs!!!!!! thanks c:

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I got my wisdom teeth out recently and now my face is like a chipmunk

I got my wisdom teeth out recently and now my face is like a chipmunk

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Hi, guys!! I worked on this short piece back in March as my entry for the 2014 Silent Manga Audition. Judging has just ended, so all the entries are now public!

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It ended up on the finalist list as a Winner’s Runner-Up, which I’m… utterly speechless about!!!!! I really can’t express my honor?!?! I’m still in a dream-like state of disbelief, to be honest… I hope I can give my thanks to the committee soon!! (They haven’t contacted us yet lmao)

I also have a lot of commentary about this piece, but I don’t want to spill them all on this post, so here’s a link to that as well hahahaha

Hope I have the time and diligence to produce more comics in the near future!! Thanks for reading!

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Yamamori Mika's sensei twitter update
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(X) My favourite winter sweaters~

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"I want to make that 'Battle of the Trash Heap' a reality, somehow."
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“I mean, don’t you think my true character makes me devilish cutie?”

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just got my wisdom teeth out /drools


The Different Styles of Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume main characters

- Summer clothing
- Waiter/Waitress
- Cafe Bonheur sweaters
- School uniforms
- Black clothing
- Winter clothing
- Striped clothing
- FIGHT ON! pose

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