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DIY paper tulip

Tutorial by LilyBelleKeepsakes
Full tutorial here »

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HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai

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Fun tips and tricks for cosplaying at school!


  • Don’t.
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You’re not weak. Your life is not defined by a letter grade, a dress size, your sexuality or anything else. You have every chance at happiness. You were not meant to suffer. You are loved. Never, ever give up. —  Chris Colfer (via maxkirin)
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don’t lie we all have a fictional character we ship ourselves with

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kuroo: trash trash trash ~
tsukki: ………………………………………………. 

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it’s been like 6 years and i still have a crush on this man child


it’s been like 6 years and i still have a crush on this man child

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I always wonder how many times Travis Willingham had to practice before he was able to rap the whole thing without dying of laughter.

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My art style is called inconsistent

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