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Graeme Owsianski
Vancouver Island, Canada
Canon 5D Mark II | Canon 1-V 35mm

What sort of activities do you get up to on your wild adventures?

Exploring, hiking, fishing, surfing, motorcycling, swimming, canoeing and camping. There’s a lot of wilderness out there, get some and have fun!

Tumblr: @benchandcompass
Instagram: @graeme_o

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These are all cut out from the manga and never made it into the storyline

Scans provided by Sakura-Chiyo

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children, pls love yourselves and plan ahead to study
i know for most of us midterm week is upon us, so work hard and give it your all c: 

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I just tried to reconnect with someone that I had stopped talking to a while ago….we parted on bad terms, but now I can sort of understand him. It’s the first time I’ve done this so I’m kinda scared lol….I wonder if I did the right thing by messaging him and apologizing….


pls watch this

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Nekoma || Karasuno


Nekoma || Karasuno

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One day at a time…these colorful notebooks help remind us to not get overwhelmed in the routine of life.

One Day Notebook

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inktober 18/31

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